Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Orthopeadic Aids Manufacturer and Exporter

Othopeadic aids made to assist people who need medical support product. It products are designed to help relieve pain in specific parts of the body, aid in recovery from injuries and improve your overall comfort. Neck braces are available, along with arm braces and hip and knee braces. Waling aids are helpful for patients who have chronic problems, including hip and knee arthritis, as well as patients who have acute injuries. We are manufacturer and exporter of orthopeadic aids. We have wide range of products in high quality as per your requirement.

Cervical Color :- It is used to support neck in different conditions like sprains, strains, whiplash etc; it provides soft and rigid support to limit the neck movement or to prevent harmful neck movements. Special design ensures uniform support to neck. Made of high- density foam. High quality foam ensures maximum comfort to the patient. Special soft fabric assures non allergic, rash proof use even on sensitive skin. We have different product of cervical color products like, Cervical Color full foam, Ambulance Color, Protector Color, Semi Cervical Braces, Four Post Cervical Brace.

Back Support:- A back splint is type of medical stabilizing that is used to support the spine of the person. It provide a comfortable and dynamic support for some adult with chronic back pain. There are some type of back splints i.e. Tylor Brace, Orthopeadic Back Rest Long Type, Orthopeadic Back Rest Short Type, Orthopeadic Back Rest Regular, Sacro Lumbar Brace Belt- Heavy Duty, Sacro Lumbar Brace Belt Countered, Sacro Lumbar Brace Belt Countered Economy, Sarco Lumbar Brace Belt, Sarco Lumbar Brace Belt Deluxe, Eco Frame Back Support, Spinal Support with cushion, Orthopeadic Coccyx Seat.

Abdominal Splints:- Abdominal support after surgery, after delivery to support abdominal muscles. We have wide range of product. i.e. 6” Abdominal Support, 8” Abdominal Support, 9” Abdominal Support, 10” Abdominal Support, Hernia Support, Maternity Support.

Knee Calf & Ankle Splints:- Gives mild support and warmth, Ideal for arthritic conditions, Aids stiff, swollen and painful knee caused by weakness or strains. Elastic Tubular Knee Support, Elastic Tubular Knee Support With Hinges, Elastic Knee Support With Hinges, Elastic Tubular Knee Support With Center Hole, Elastic Knee Support, Functional Knee Support, Thigh Band, Elastic Tubular Ankle Support.

Fracture Aids:- To support arm and shoulder in post surgical rehabilitation or management of strains and sprains. We have wide range of products . i.e. Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Ring Type, Adjustable Pouch Arm Sling, Arm Sling Strap, Rib Belt, Meek Clavicle Brace, Exercise Ball, Fracture Bracing Joint.

General Aids:- Medi-Fix Elasticated Cloth Can be used as stump socks for amputees wearing artificial limbs. Arm Tourniquets - Used in hospitals / Nursing homes for drawing blood or for intravenous injuries. Meta Tarsal Support, Thomas Splints, Cramer’S Wire Splint, Orthopaedic Stockinett, Braun’s Bohler Splint, The Cuff Weight Belt, Traction Weight With Rod, Orthopaedic Heating Pad, Sternal Splint (After Heart Surgery Belt).

Utility Splints:- We have a wide range of utility splints products i.e. Dynamic Elbow Flexion Extension Orthosis, Dynamic Wrist Hand Orthosis With Finger Extension Assist, Dynamic Radial Paisy Splint, Volkmans Turn Buckle Splint, Elbow Turn Buckle Splint, Knuckle Bender Splint, Humerus Fracture Brace, Hand Gripper, Finger Exerciser, ‘U’ Splint, Tibial Functional Brace, Fermoral Brace, CTEV Splint, CTEV D.B. Splint, Foot Ankle Leg Splint, Foot Drop Splint.

Wrist & Elbow Splints:- Thumb Spica Splint, Thumb Abduction Splint, Elastic Wrist Splint – Right, Elastic Wrist Splint – Left, Wrist Binder With Double Lock.

Wheel Chairs :- Invalid Wheelchair Folding, Invalid Wheelchair Folding (Patient Attendant),Invalid Wheelchair Folding With Commode,Invalid Wheelchair Folding With Commode (Patient Attendant),Invalid Wheelchair Folding “Paediatric”.

Walking Aids :- Auxillary Crutches (Height Adjustable), Back Rest (Adjustable), Back Rest-Deluxe (Adjustable), Elbow Crutches (Height Adjustable), Walker Folding (Height Adjustable), Walking Stick (Height Adjustable), Walking Stick-Quadripod (Height Adjustable), Walking Stick-Tripod (Height Adjustable), Crutch / Walking Stick Pod.

Commode Chair & Bucket:- Commode Stool Folding (Height Adjustable), Commode Stool , Folding, Commode Chair-Heavy Duty

Rom Knee Brace:- Rom Knee Brace

Body Brace Belt:- Body Belts Braces

Ankle Brace:- Lumbosacral Supports , Abdominal Supports , Cervical Aids , Wrist Supports , Knee & Ankle Supports , Fracture Aids , Pelvic Traction Kit , Cervical Traction, General Aids , Walking Aids.

Heating Pad Elbow:- Heating Pad Elbow